Scruffy and the Egg

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As featured in the Los Angeles Times, Scruffy and the Egg have been together forever, but they’ve been a long work in progress.

When Scruffy, a family dog, is left behind by his owners, he is shocked. Taking matters into his own paws, Scruffy embarks on an adventure to find them. But no adventure is without a few surprises. Along the way, Scruffy comes across an egg that’s fallen out of its nest. Together, the oddball pair searches for their families and a home. But sometimes, as they discover, family is where you find it.

Wanna read the book? Both Scruffy and the Egg and its sequel, Scruffy and the Egg: Adventures on the Road, can be found on Amazon!


Based upon an old story my dad and I used to tell each other when we were going through tough times (you can get the full scoop here), I felt that this was a story that needed to be told. For many families who may be “patchworked,” are experiencing homelessness, or headed by a single parent, Scruffy and the Egg finally puts a voice out there that’s been missing from children’s literature for quite some time.

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